Commitment to the Ancient Arts

Many people flock to magic because it is fashionable. This is dangerous. On one of my previous blogs, I mentioned that you need to be clear of old energies and emotions and you have to be committed and practical in your practices. For example: a 40 year old, non-athletic woman is not going to become a prima ballerina. However, with commitment, she can train herself in such a way to privately practice ballet in a form that matches her physical ability.

Practical magic is a way to influence the energies and create change. Practical Magic doesn’t work like the TV show Bewitched. We can’t wiggle our noses and make our nosy neighbor turn into a donkey. However, we can put intention toward something like good health but we also have to be solid in our belief that our health is improving every day. We also have to do our homework on the treatments that are needed for our ailments.

Basically, this is a lifestyle that we live every day. It isn’t a hobby that is only brought out of the cabinet when we are feeling mysterious or the season is right or when we need something. Unfortunately many religions have taught people that if they need something, they just need to go to a deity and ask for it. This is not so, no matter what your religious background is. The Universe cannot be treated like a vending machine.

Divinity is in nature so if you can align yourself with nature, you can better influence the energies around you.

Think of a sculptor with a lump of clay. The sculptor shapes the clay into what they choose. Some people trap themselves in perfectionism and find fault with any defects and quickly abandon their work. However, something that is pointed out as a defect on a work of art is actually something to be celebrated…it makes the work unique. We must not try to micro-manage our art.

When you are working with practical magic you have to be open to the flow. For example:

1. You go into a light working session with an intention (for example: protection from a person who has abused a friendship).
2. You must keep only goodness and light in your heart, mind and solar plexus (gut). You should not be attempting to control the person involved, you should be trying to shed light and love on the situation and placing a shield of protection around you.
3. Ask for the greatest outcome with harm to none.

Practical magic doesn’t look like the movie Practical Magic. If we could banish difficult people from our lives like they do in the movie, this would be a messy world, although, there would be lots of robust rose bushes.

The path of the Ancient Arts or Practical Magic requires commitment, a pure heart, a quiet mind, and a grounded solar plexus. Without these things, the outcome of any session could lead to unexpected or unwanted results.

Remember, the Universe should not be used as a vending machine.