Beyond the Old Magic

There was a time and place beyond the Old Magic…one of Ancient Magic that is still all around us.

This post and the one to follow were originally posted on my previous blog.  My grandparents were instrumental in who I am today and I feel it is important to share with you some of the teachings I received from them. The stories may seem fantastical and unreal but as you peel away the onion skins, you will see that much of the truth has been buried or encrypted in the past. This may seem like a long post but it only scratches the surface.

The family I grew up in was steeped in ancient knowledge. Many stories were told of magical occurrences in my own family tree but I also was taught the ancient roots of our beliefs. My family background is a mixture of Irish, Black Welsh, and Native American. The deepest magical roots that are in our family stretch back to our Black Welsh / Basque ties.


As I have said before, my family believes that magic, science, medicine, religion, art, math and philosophy were all joined together in the time before modern memory. We also believe there were technologically advanced civilizations on this world long before the Egyptians and Mesopotamians. There were those who rose to power and effectively separated the ancient arts. Driving them to oppose each other; thereby breaking the connection between mankind and the Divine.

Fusion of the Ancient Arts

In ancient times, great power was held by those who understood the fusion of the Ancient Arts and how they worked together. Imhotep is a prime example of this power. Many today recognize him as the architect of the Pyramid of Zozer (Djoser). However, Imhotep, circa 2660 BC, wore many hats: doctor, a high priest, Grand Magus, scribe, sage, astrologer, and vizier. He held knowledge that seemed to come from the gods and as centuries passed, after his death he became a demigod in the eyes of the Egyptians. Many throughout history have debated whether Imhotep was a disciple or descendant of Thoth-Tehuti.

Over a thousand years later, the Greeks had a legendary Renaissance man by the name of Asclepius (circa 1260 BC). His legend shows him healing the hopelessly sick and raising the dead with his magical knowledge. By the time Hippocrates was born (460 BC), Asclepius had also ascended to demigod status.

“King of Magicians”

Around the time of Asclepius, there was another man in Egypt by the name of Prince Khaemweset (1290-1224 BC), who was a son of the pharaoh Ramses II. Several thousand years after his death, this man is still considered one of the greatest magicians of all time. He spent his lifetime preserving the knowledge of the Great Ancestors. Who these Great Ancestors were is not clear. Khaemweset built a massive library of sacred and magical texts that drew envy in the ancient world. His Ramesseum in Western Thebes contained only papyri about magic. The Greeks claimed that Khaemwaset possessed the famous Emerald Tablet of Thoth-Tehuti-Hermes and they always called him the “King of Magicians”.

Men have spent aeons searching for the old papyri and texts that hold the ancient knowledge. When many of the Egyptian tombs were found in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, there was a rush to grab the contents. At a time when Egyptologists could easily keep their findings, why did they hand over all of the valuable artifacts found in the tombs? Was it because they already had what they had come for? The ancient knowledge….’ He, who holds the knowledge, has the power’. I would be interested to know how many ancient Egyptian texts are held in the Vatican library.

Why does the Vatican have an obelisk and a pine cone statue on the grounds of the Holy City?

Another well known historical figure who seemed to have a wealth of ancient knowledge was Leonardo da Vinci. He also protected his greatest works with his own encryption systems. (Some of which have never been broken.) He knew what danger came with holding ancient knowledge.

The Burning Times

Why are there not any well known women from history who seemed to possess the knowledge and power that these before mentioned men had? Women have spent a majority of recent history as the fairer sex or even worse, as chattel. A woman that held ancient knowledge was deemed as dangerous or suspect. In an act of protection, women kept the ancient knowledge committed to memory. They passed that knowledge orally or they kept secret grimoires that were usually encrypted just as da Vinci kept his knowledge secret. Mother passed down to daughter or when there was no daughter or student to pass the knowledge onto; then, the wise woman’s flame flickered out. When the church began to notice the amount of ancient knowledge that was still loose in the wild with these wise women, it began a campaign to stamp out these traditions. This was one face of the Burning Times, the other was one of pettiness and greed of neighbor against neighbor.

Next: The Cairo Serapeum and its significance.


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