Granny’s Kitchen Table

Practical magic is in everything we do. It should be in all the mundane details of life. You will find that you are in a constant state of magic once you have centered yourself and changed your view of life around you. You will find yourself cooking with intention and giving thanks to the food you are preparing. You will experience a calm like never before because you will realize that you are the only one in control of your life. If you don’t like the way things are, find a new perspective and develop your new goal. Drink in every detail of this new goal; how it will feel, what it will look like, etc. Begin to build a ritual with symbols, tools, and words – this will be your workbench upon which you will bring this new goal into the world of form.

My Granny, Grandmother & Granddad, & Mamaw & Papaw all traveled through life practicing practical magic daily. To the non-adepts around them, it just looked like they were practicing some old superstitious act or had some kind of quirky way of handling things. In actuality, they were practicing what their parents and grandparents had taught them. Such as: buying away warts with pennies; cleansing the thresholds and sealing them; keeping bottles of cut thread near a window; Papaw and Granddad kept the brooms in their garages sitting on their handles near the door; keeping small pieces of mirror in the windows; keeping a bowl of salt out in the middle of the kitchen and using pinches of it to toss before and after cooking…. I can go on and on.

Since not everyone had family members who were raised in the ways of the Ancient Arts, I thought it would be nice to have a place like I had when I was young. I would spend countless hours at Granny’s kitchen table or sitting with her weaving clothes hangers or sitting with Grandmother weaving wisteria wreaths and learning about the Craft. Sometimes there would be stories and other times there would be practical magic advice. Always there was love and light.

Passing on the “Knowing”

Some of my posts will cover the basics of the Old Magick. This is my way of sharing my time spent at Granny’s Kitchen Table and it will be where I go to sit with everyone and share what I have knocking around in my brain. I feel this is important so that I can pass on the “knowing” that I have to others who may pass it on as well. I want to make sure that the Ancient Arts will continue. As I add new posts, you can check the category to the right titled “Granny’s Kitchen Table” for more.


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