Let Go of Attachments

The first lesson to master before we delve into the forgotten history of magic is this:

We must identify and release the attachments in our lives.

We all have them and they often blind us without our knowing. Attachments are never healthy whether they be to another person, a thing, an idea… attachments are toxic and we need to learn to free ourselves of them. I’m not saying that you should necessarily ban the object of your attachment but cut the tether that binds you to it. Once the object of attachment is free from you, it can either move out of the way or transform completely. Once the attachment is out of your direct line of site, you can find the gold that is waiting for you on the other side.

Attachments Can Cause Illness

For many, attachments have a way of morphing themselves into health issues. Either the person’s higher self recognizes the danger of the attachment and begins to fight it while your ego fights even harder to hold onto the attachment or the attachment becomes an illness that makes you think you need the attachment even more in order to deal with the illness.

Find time to search inside and see what is no longer working for you. Are you wanting to start a new occupation but you have convinced yourself that it isn’t possible? Look around you, do you have negative people in your life who are constantly complaining that they can’t do something or are warning you against change because it is dangerous? Then that may be the attachment that you need to release.

Transformation and Attachments

Sometimes when we go through a catastrophic loss like losing a loved one or losing a house in a fire… we don’t realize that we may have had an unhealthy attachment that finally transformed itself (nothing is ever destroyed or dies, only transformed) in order to leave our focus of attention.

When you find an attachment that you need to release, start slowly and cut the tether with love. No need to burn bridges here, just walk away in a different direction. Soon, paths which were hidden behind the attachment will open up for you.

Clearing the old energies…..next.


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