You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

Greetings, from a somewhat grumpy witch! For those of you who woke up in Daylight Savings Time hell this morning, I commiserate. Whether they have me springing forward or falling back, I always end up off-step for about a week. I hate that feeling. Why does it mess with us so bad? Because it isn’t natural (or necessary)!

Cycles are a part of nature. Cycles are what the Wheel of the Year is all about. Without cycles, we are chaos. So, why do we put up with an unnatural cycle substitute like Daylight Savings?

Next week, we will be celebrating Ostara, Vernal Equinox. That is a natural cycle of growth. With Ostara, we get a brief balance of light and dark and then we will travel to longer days and shorter nights. I will be spending most of this week getting my bearings dialed back in so I can focus on Equinox. The modern world seems intent upon chaos sometimes. Like everyone is trying to sing the same song but no one can find the harmony. There are so many kids today who don’t know when seasons begin and end. They even have a hard time with pinpointing holidays. No wonder…this last year, I saw Halloween candy in the stores at the end of August!

Cycles are important. We need to tune our lives with them and we need to learn from them. Tune into the cycles before doing any magick. Don’t make the mistake of doing a prosperity spell during a waning moon. However, there are times when you find yourself in a growth cycle but you need to release negativity. There are ways to do that but you have to work with the cycles in which you find yourself. Use the cycles to your benefit; don’t try to bend the cycle to your will. That is just insanity.



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