Spell Work

According to Murry Hope: Practical Magic is the transformation of the neutral Universal energies into practical frequencies that can be molded according to the practitioner’s intentions.

In most studies of spell work and practical magic, it is made clear that there are four main ingredients to any successful spell. Think of them as table legs: need, intention, visualization, and desire.

Many people who are new to spell work mistakenly think that the ritual of the words and the symbolism are the vehicles that bring the magic to our world. Nothing could be further from the truth. A person could have all the right tools and words to perform a spell on just the right day at the right time but if the four pillars mentioned above aren’t present, no magic will occur. Also, spells don’t work immediately. Often, it takes weeks or months to see a spell come to fruition.

Before you begin serious spell work, it is important to do some soul searching first. Those who have a weak emotional or mental state experience great difficulty when it comes to practicing the Craft. It is best to do some meditative therapy first to gain an understanding of your shadow side before beginning spell work otherwise you run the risk of seeing your fears and weaknesses brought into the material world.

Another important factor in spell work is correct timing. When considering the energetic atmosphere in which a spell is to be performed, you must look at the solar time of the year and the lunar time of the year. Also, the day of the week should be considered. Doing an increase spell during times of decrease is like trying to swim against a very strong current with an undertow. When you want to do a spell of attraction in times of releasing energy then take time to rethink your approach.

For example: A popular type of spell is one for prosperity.

First, you must look at your need. Are you behind on your bills and about to lose your vehicle? Or, are you just tired of scraping out a living?

Once you have pinpointed the severity of your need, then you can move on to your intention. This will be something like, “bring a new opportunity for a well paying job that is enjoyable” or “send some financial relief.” With all intention and all magic performed, the most important intention is “with harm to none.” Otherwise, if you work a spell for financial relief now, you may find that a beloved family member will pass on and leave you an inheritance. This shouldn’t be what you are intending.

The next two steps really go hand-in-hand. Visualization and desire are a lot like a covalent bond in chemistry where two atoms share electrons and form an extremely strong bond. (Yes, there goes my scientific mind.) Picturing in your mind’s eye what you want along with how it feels, smells, tastes, etc…. That creates strong magic. You will need to learn to see future events as if they are happening in the present.

Now, for the timing… If you need to do a prosperity spell immediately and you are on the back side of vernal equinox and in a waning moon (both are times of decrease and release)…try a spell which will release poverty or fear of lack instead. Often, we create our own poverty through our fear of lack. Like energies attract, so if you are sending a message to your mind’s eye and the Universe that you fear poverty, you will attract more poverty to you. Instead, if you feel you must worry about something, choose to worry about where you will keep all of the money you will soon be making. Again, make sure that all of your intentions include the affirmation: “with harm to none.”


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