Are You Witchy Enough?

I see many new people to The Craft that are getting bogged down in the performance of “being a Witch” and not understanding what it means to Be a Witch. I’ve listened while they stress about which ritual to follow and how to memorize lines and what kind of tools to use…it’s enough to make me drink!

So, for any of you who find yourself on either side of this teeter-totter (yep, I know, they don’t make those anymore thanks to insurance actuaries), let me help with some advice.

As Witches, we walk between the worlds. Our main goal is to maintain a balance between those worlds. It doesn’t matter what ritual or tools we choose to strike that balance. What does matter is our awareness of our own wisdom and strength to do proper magick. If we doubt our abilities or fear outcomes, then our magick will be blocked or corrupted.

We also need to stay aware of our vibrational state. If we drop to lower vibrational levels, then we attract those icky things that dwell in the lower vibrational levels.

If things are not going well for you, change the way you think. By listening to your inner voice, you may be surprised to hear some really negative things like: “I’m worried I won’t have enough to pay my bills.” or “What if I don’t get that job promotion?” These are thoughtforms that are soaked in fear and they will only produce negative results.

Change your inner voice to something positive and change your environment. Have you been spending too much time indoors? Then get outside! Maybe you’ve been hanging out with some real downers…find some positive people to spend time with. Whenever you feel yourself going negative whether it is in your day-to-day life or dealing with magick (“I hope my spell works” or “What if my spell doesn’t work”), change your state of mind. Over time, positive thoughtforms will become natural for you; and thanks to those positive thoughtforms, you won’t have to worry about which ritual to pick or what kind of tools to use. You will be your magic, not your “show.”

I think next, I will talk a little about hiding your Witch side. You know what I’m talking about. Everyone has someone (or ones) in their life that they feel they need to hide from. What is this doing to your magick?


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