I am just your ordinary, average nature girl living in the southern U.S. I was born into a “woo woo” family and spent my childhood studying the Invisible World and the World of Form and how the two interact. If you passed me in the grocery store today, I would look like just another friendly person (occasionally a little frazzled, though.)

I live my life very close to nature but I also have to keep one foot in the material world. I have raised my children the same way I was raised. They understand the wheel of the year and the phases of the moon. They are good at spotting medicinal plants and they know how to use them. They know the power of manifesting and they understand the importance of respecting and loving all. Oh yeah, and they are really good kids! I can honestly say I not only love my children, I really like my children and enjoying spending as much time with them as I can.

I was also raised with a strong understanding of science, math and physics. My Grandparents often spoke of how magic, science, religion, art, math and philosophy were all joined together in the time before modern memory. They believed, as I do, that there were technologically advanced civilizations on this world long before the Egyptians and the Mesopotamians. Many of the Craft traditions that we follow today have their roots from those ancient civilizations.

I hope you can find inspiration and answers on this site. I wish you well in all of your travels.

Be ye all blessed ~



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