Why Do We Hide?

Are you living a lie? Many Witches think that way. They hide their tools in closets and drawers or they tiptoe around family or party conversations on spirituality. Some have altars out in the open but they are disguised to look like average knick-knacks. Why do we do this? There are many reasons, but here is a couple:

Fear of being outed as a freak comes to mind. A little harsh? Maybe so, but sometimes that’s how it feels. We’ve all been in that conversation with a trusted friend when they spout off something that hits our core. We want to speak up and assure them that they are wrong, but we know that would only end the friendship and start a load of gossip.

Fear of being made fun of. People can be mean and they often poke fun at things they are uncomfortable with. It hurts when someone trivializes something that is very important to you. Of course, being a Witch requires a thick skin, but everyone is vulnerable in some way.

What do these things do to our magick? They can definitely be a wet blanket. They can also help feed that side of our ego that sounds like Gollum from Lord of the Rings…Not someone you want around when you are performing spellwork. How do you deal with these issues?

Yes, I have people in my life that I hide my Witchy side from…not many, but they are there. I have whittled down my friendships to a very select group who, for the most part, accept me “as is.” However, I do have one dear friend that I think would loose her mind. I feel like I am keeping this great secret from her, that if she were open minded about it, would improve her life. It’s sad really that we have people in our lives that we can’t share with.

So, this was just a quick thought for today and maybe some of you can share your thoughts.

Why do we hide?
What does this do to our magick?
What would the Witch’s perfect world look like?

I would love for you to share! Until next time….


What is a Cauldron?

The cauldron has always been a symbol of the witch. When Halloween approaches, you see them everywhere. Cauldrons often bring up images of Shakespeare’s three witches in Macbeth. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. And all that jazz…

Cauldrons are actually something we use everyday. They are Mamaw’s cooking pot. They are that bucket we keep near the door full of pocket change. In this way, they exist in the mundane but they also are used for deeper magic as well. They are alchemical or transformative in their very nature and use. We use them to cook up a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup. The whole time we are thinking about bringing health to our family and ourselves and lo and behold….it does the trick.

Some famous cauldrons of the ancient include…

those of Cerridwen and Dagda. Cerridwen is the Welsh goddess of grain and prophesy. Her cauldron has the power of inspiration and divine knowledge from the Invisible World. Dagda is the fertility god of the Tuatha De Danaan and his cauldron is one of plenty and abundant food. It will only feed someone according to their merit, however. It also has healing powers and is said to be the resting place of the Spear of Lugh.

I have a couple of small cauldrons that I keep in my kitchen for magical work. One of them has a bit of sand and a tealight in the bottom of it that I use for my kitchen altar. I occasionally add herbs, flowers, oils, stones, etc.. to the cauldron depending on my ritual need.

I also have another cauldron, so to speak, in my kitchen window. This is actually one of my Granny’s special tea cups that she drank from often. In that cauldron, I keep some salt and a couple of bay leaves. This is used to ward away all negativity and to protect my hearth.

If you have a cast iron cauldron, here are some tips on keeping it in tip-top shape:

  • If you notice rust forming in it, take some steel wool and scrub the rust away. Follow that with some hot, soapy water.
  • Next, you will want to season the cauldron inside and out with shortening or lard. Using cooking oil will just leave a sticky mess.
  • Following that treatment, you will want to place the cauldron in an oven on a baking sheet set around 300F degrees.
  • After 15 to 20 minutes, take the cauldron out (carefully) and wipe the excess lard off and out of the cauldron.
  • Place the cauldron back in the oven for an hour. At the end of the hour, turn the oven off and vent the door. Allow the cauldron to cool in the oven


Even Witches Get Sick Sometimes

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a magic wand we could use to banish colds, flu, and the like? The thing is, sometimes we just need to experience illness to remind us of our strengths and weaknesses. Plus, having the occasional sickness helps to beef up our immune systems.

This week I’ve been sick with some kind of upper respiratory bug. I know where it came from… I’ve spent the last two weeks getting a jump on my spring cleaning. Last Sunday, I spent all day in the cellar. This isn’t a dark, dank cellar but it still has its share of light mildew just because it is underground, usually in the dark, and there isn’t much airflow. So, I probably sucked in an inordinate amount of mold and mildew spores. Yuck!

Ancient arts require the Old Medicine

I woke up Monday morning hacking like a pack-a-day smoker and quickly moved to my medicine chest. I started with a dose of elecampane tincture and followed it with a dose of Guaifenesin two hours later (mind you I only do this when I am experiencing acute, extreme conditions…usually I just go with one or the other). I repeated each dose in four hour stints which means I was taking medicine every two hours. When doing extreme dosing like this I make sure that I am constantly drinking hot green tea or water. I don’t want to add dehydration or kidney stones to my list of infirmities.

On day three, I had clear lungs but I still had a lot of congestion and pain in my ears, nose, and throat so I backed off on my elecampane to every six hours and added a daily dose of colloidal silver (I make my own, of course.) and olive leaf extract. All three of these remedies have anti-microbial qualities so they should stomp out any bad bugs left behind in my system from the dreaded cellar.

How does this affect my magick? Well, it does put the brakes on some of my practices just from the fact it is hard to concentrate when you don’t feel good. However, it gives me a chance to work with the Old Remedies and keep me sharp in that category.

I understand that western medicine has given us some great advances in health but I also feel that about 75% of the drugs currently on the market are detrimental to our health and well-being. They are just a means to create a market of managed illness. They also cloud people’s cognitive and spiritual beings.

I stick with herbs and roots 99% of the time. I know a lot of people say that herbs are placebos and I am beyond tired of the old argument over echinacea. What those people don’t understand is that herbs adapt to what the patient needs. Science has a hard time with this idea and has only recently (grudgingly) moved over to the side of receptor theory. That’s okay. I don’t want them to figure out the “mechanics” of nature because then they will try to slap a patent on it and bastardize it. I am fine with people rolling their eyes at me when I tell them I am taking elecampane or black walnut for an ailment. For those who want to learn, I will teach; for the others, I will have patience.

I hope you are all staying healthy during this transition from winter to spring. By the way, if you plan to spring clean your cellar…wear a mask!

How Does Magic Work: The Ether

Are you ready for a wild ride? I would like to share a little of my understanding of The Ether that permeates our world and makes our magic possible. First, I have something for you to ponder…

–> How is it that the creation of Israel that happened in 1948 which was also the 5708th year of the Hebrew calendar, matched up with the 5708th verse of the Torah that mentions the time when they would be brought back to the land of their forefathers?
–> Or- that debates still linger to this day over the many prophesies of Nostradamus or even Isaac Newton, for that matter.

Some will say that you can find patterns in anything or if you look hard enough for evidence, your mind will create it for you.

The Fifth Element to some and The Hallow to others.

I believe there is this Ether that is all around us. The Fifth Element to some and The Hallow to others. It is very similar to the electric field that exists in a circuit. Oddly enough, our scientists understand how electricity works but they still don’t have a firm understanding of what it is completely. Every time our scientists say they have unlocked the mysteries of the universe, another puzzle pops open.When I was a kid, they were just beginning to understand that the atom was not the smallest thing in the universe. The world of subatomic particles was new and now we are still doing experiments with quarks, and the like, so that we can better understand what they are and how they work. Scientists are also beginning to see that there may be a connection between electricity, gravity, time and space. They may all be the same thing. Ether…

The Electric Field is a Mystery

Let me give you an example of how an electric field works in a circuit. When you turn on the circuit (the on button on a flashlight) to your perception, the light comes on immediately. We are all taught in school about the speed of light (I hope they still teach that). But what is going on inside that circuit is that electrons are slowly traveling away from the negative side of the battery through the circuit in order to get to the positive side of the battery (protons in an atom are positive and attract electrons which are negative). Once all of the negative electrons have migrated to the positive end of the battery, then the battery is drained and the flashlight no longer works. It is a good thing for us that the electrons travel much slower through the circuit than the electric field so that we can have a battery that will last longer than a few seconds. The electric field, on the other hand, is almost instantaneous in its travels through the circuit. Here is an example of the comparision of electric field and movement of electrons: In a room, a person turns on a light switch (electric field) and turns over an hourglass (movement of electrons) at the same time. The light comes on immediately while the hour glass should take an hour for all of the sand to run from one end of the glass to the other. The scientists still do not fully understand what the electric field is and how it can instantly be everywhere at once.

So I’ve warned you that I am a geeky hippy witch who grew up in a family where we believe that there was once a time when nature, science, philosophy, art, religion, and medicine all existed as one. However, as a civilization we have not lived that way in a very long time. The powers that came to be a long time ago saw the power that that reality gave to people. They wanted better control over the people so they found ways to sever the ties of these six understandings and keep them at odds with one another. Much like an engine that is broken down into parts won’t run; a person living with a belief that the six understandings are separate (and they may even turn their back on some of the understandings) will not be able to harness the power that is their inheritance.

The Ether or Hallow is a lot like the Holodeck on Star Trek. Inside the Holodeck, it is just four walls with great potential but when given spoken commands, whole worlds can be created complete with form (not see-through or projection). On Star Trek they even have different levels of safety protocols like not being able to be harmed by a hologram. However, many people don’t understand The Ether or Hallow enough to put safety protocols in place. So when a person living in a place of fear or shadow begins to practice magic, the dark side of their existence (which is usually strong for them) jumps out and takes control of what the Ether shows them.

When people rely heavily on the material world, they tend to believe that magic or the key to magic lies in the mechanics of ritual, or the right tools or setting. However, the magick lies in the practitioner’s ability to tap into the Ether or Hallow. This is why I am so adamant about practitioners getting in touch with their shadow side and coming to terms with old energies that no longer serve them. When you begin to work with magick, you must be very grounded and work from a place of light and love at all times.

Clearing Old Energies

Before working magick you must clear your psyche of old energies that no longer serve you. You also must investigate any detrimental beliefs that you have carried from former lifetimes. Until you complete these steps, you won’t be able to find balance in your magick.

1. Simplify your life.

*Stop hoarding
*Stop procrastinating
*Get your material house in order
*Clean your desk and email
*Get organized
*Clean out any old herbs or oils that you know have lost their power – No need in holding on to them now….you are just coveting….”my precious”

2. Begin a regular meditation schedule.

You need quiet time to block the monkey mind. Send everything away during this time. It is not a time to “work” on anything; just let everything go and only focus on happy. Try to feel what happy truly means and feels like without being attached to anything (ie. “if I only had some money, I’d be happy”).

Float in the cosmos like a lazy river. If this scares you then bring it in closer like a cozy bed. Learn to breathe. Don’t worry about how or how many….just breathe and pay attention to how it feels. Breathing is very calming if done slowly and consciously. This is why we sigh so much when we are distressed.

3. Address your shadow.

This next part may be difficult for some. If you need professional help with it please seek it out.

Some of you are dealing with sibling rivalry stuff while others are dealing with much more dark and difficult energies. Find time to sit quietly and ask Universe to show you your chronic difficulties. You may want to journal while doing this. If there is something that is a constant trouble that pops up in your life (ie. falling for the wrong man/woman or not being able to manage your money well), this is where these shadows will appear.

In the case of falling for the wrong man/woman or having a string of broken relationships, you may find that you are holding on to old energies of a failed relationship in a previous life that you are having a hard time letting go of. If you are having a hard time managing your money, then you may be unconsciously telling yourself that money is the root of all evil or that you are just meant to be poor or that having money makes you feel guilty when others around you have very little.

Once you have a bearing on the shadows that are causing you distress, next you will need to address them. See them for what they are. Is there anything about these shadows that can help you or do they no longer serve you? For example: Do you have a hard time keeping jobs because you are constantly at odds with your boss? If so, then work to find the root of your agitation and imagine that you are bottling it for later use when that stubborn spirit can serve you better.

Sometimes your shadow helps you so you don’t always want to get rid of it – just tame it. Of course, that is separate from negative energies that you have buried deep inside like a festering wound.

Don’t Allow Negativity to Materialize in Your Magick

These are things that must be done before working with magic. You also need to do a constant accounting of the energies you are carrying around with you. Many of us are empaths and we pick up the gunk that others throw all over us each day. If you don’t keep yourself grounded and do a good job of cleansing your aura at the end of each day, you will get a build-up of negativity. Any bad Juju that you are carrying around with you whether your conscious being recognizes it, or not, will jump out in your magic when you least expect it. This is when the evil eye or demons get blamed for things we have actually brought about ourselves. Demons are actually a religious idea and not a quality of nature.

Let Go of Attachments

The first lesson to master before we delve into the forgotten history of magic is this:

We must identify and release the attachments in our lives.

We all have them and they often blind us without our knowing. Attachments are never healthy whether they be to another person, a thing, an idea… attachments are toxic and we need to learn to free ourselves of them. I’m not saying that you should necessarily ban the object of your attachment but cut the tether that binds you to it. Once the object of attachment is free from you, it can either move out of the way or transform completely. Once the attachment is out of your direct line of site, you can find the gold that is waiting for you on the other side.

Attachments Can Cause Illness

For many, attachments have a way of morphing themselves into health issues. Either the person’s higher self recognizes the danger of the attachment and begins to fight it while your ego fights even harder to hold onto the attachment or the attachment becomes an illness that makes you think you need the attachment even more in order to deal with the illness.

Find time to search inside and see what is no longer working for you. Are you wanting to start a new occupation but you have convinced yourself that it isn’t possible? Look around you, do you have negative people in your life who are constantly complaining that they can’t do something or are warning you against change because it is dangerous? Then that may be the attachment that you need to release.

Transformation and Attachments

Sometimes when we go through a catastrophic loss like losing a loved one or losing a house in a fire… we don’t realize that we may have had an unhealthy attachment that finally transformed itself (nothing is ever destroyed or dies, only transformed) in order to leave our focus of attention.

When you find an attachment that you need to release, start slowly and cut the tether with love. No need to burn bridges here, just walk away in a different direction. Soon, paths which were hidden behind the attachment will open up for you.

Clearing the old energies…..next.

Granny’s Kitchen Table

Practical magic is in everything we do. It should be in all the mundane details of life. You will find that you are in a constant state of magic once you have centered yourself and changed your view of life around you. You will find yourself cooking with intention and giving thanks to the food you are preparing. You will experience a calm like never before because you will realize that you are the only one in control of your life. If you don’t like the way things are, find a new perspective and develop your new goal. Drink in every detail of this new goal; how it will feel, what it will look like, etc. Begin to build a ritual with symbols, tools, and words – this will be your workbench upon which you will bring this new goal into the world of form.

My Granny, Grandmother & Granddad, & Mamaw & Papaw all traveled through life practicing practical magic daily. To the non-adepts around them, it just looked like they were practicing some old superstitious act or had some kind of quirky way of handling things. In actuality, they were practicing what their parents and grandparents had taught them. Such as: buying away warts with pennies; cleansing the thresholds and sealing them; keeping bottles of cut thread near a window; Papaw and Granddad kept the brooms in their garages sitting on their handles near the door; keeping small pieces of mirror in the windows; keeping a bowl of salt out in the middle of the kitchen and using pinches of it to toss before and after cooking…. I can go on and on.

Since not everyone had family members who were raised in the ways of the Ancient Arts, I thought it would be nice to have a place like I had when I was young. I would spend countless hours at Granny’s kitchen table or sitting with her weaving clothes hangers or sitting with Grandmother weaving wisteria wreaths and learning about the Craft. Sometimes there would be stories and other times there would be practical magic advice. Always there was love and light.

Passing on the “Knowing”

Some of my posts will cover the basics of the Old Magick. This is my way of sharing my time spent at Granny’s Kitchen Table and it will be where I go to sit with everyone and share what I have knocking around in my brain. I feel this is important so that I can pass on the “knowing” that I have to others who may pass it on as well. I want to make sure that the Ancient Arts will continue. As I add new posts, you can check the category to the right titled “Granny’s Kitchen Table” for more.

Ancient Magic and The Cairo Serapeum

The Library of Alexandria and The Cairo Serapeum were ancient storehouses of the ancient knowledge. Everyone knows about the Library of Alexandria and its destruction by fire, but they know little or nothing of the Cairo Serapeum.

The Library of Alexandria actually suffered many fires but it finally was sacked around 390AD once Paganism was outlawed. However, its first real brush with possible destruction was during Ceasar’s civil war. After this event, the scribes began moving the most important works to a sister library located in the Serapeum in modern day Cairo. Many have confused the Serapeum in Alexandria (much younger) with the one in Cairo as the sister library.

The Curious Life of Auguste Mariette

The Cairo Serapeum has an extensive catacomb system under it and was sealed and hidden until Auguste Mariette found it in 1850. Mariette’s life was a very interesting one. In his 30’s he discovered the Serapeum and because of his success there, the French government secured a sweetheart deal with the Egyptian government allowing Mariette to have the green light for further excavations.

His findings follow a path that only recently raises eyebrows. It is as if he had a roadmap showing the hiding places of ancient knowledge. Did he discover that the ancient Greeks were correct when they claimed that Khaemwaset possessed the famous Emerald Tablet of Thoth-Tehuti-Hermes? It has been confirmed that he discovered Prince Khaemwaset’s sarcophagus at the Serapeum and Khaemwaset was known by the Greeks and Egyptians as the King of Magicians.

Mariette rarely left Egypt after his first discoveries. He rose to a level of prominence in Egypt and while most of the artifacts he found went to museums in France and Egypt, the scrolls and tablets stayed with him. History states that his museum along with all of his notes and drawings were destroyed by a flood shortly before his passing but this can’t be proven. He did however, handpick his replacement. A linguist from France…not an archaeologist such as himself. He died at the age of 59, prematurely aged and mostly blind.

Control vs. Balance

Did the draw of the power he found in those scrolls and tablets drive him to an early grave? We must always respect nature and the power of the Universe. It is very easy to get lost in a desire to control all that is around us but it may not be for us to control; only to find balance. Once balance with the Universe is achieved then we can begin to produce magical music by plucking on the harp strings of the Universe.

Please understand that there is more to the Ancient Arts than just the Medieval European traditions that so many try to revive.

Beyond the Old Magic

There was a time and place beyond the Old Magic…one of Ancient Magic that is still all around us.

This post and the one to follow were originally posted on my previous blog.  My grandparents were instrumental in who I am today and I feel it is important to share with you some of the teachings I received from them. The stories may seem fantastical and unreal but as you peel away the onion skins, you will see that much of the truth has been buried or encrypted in the past. This may seem like a long post but it only scratches the surface.

The family I grew up in was steeped in ancient knowledge. Many stories were told of magical occurrences in my own family tree but I also was taught the ancient roots of our beliefs. My family background is a mixture of Irish, Black Welsh, and Native American. The deepest magical roots that are in our family stretch back to our Black Welsh / Basque ties.


As I have said before, my family believes that magic, science, medicine, religion, art, math and philosophy were all joined together in the time before modern memory. We also believe there were technologically advanced civilizations on this world long before the Egyptians and Mesopotamians. There were those who rose to power and effectively separated the ancient arts. Driving them to oppose each other; thereby breaking the connection between mankind and the Divine.

Fusion of the Ancient Arts

In ancient times, great power was held by those who understood the fusion of the Ancient Arts and how they worked together. Imhotep is a prime example of this power. Many today recognize him as the architect of the Pyramid of Zozer (Djoser). However, Imhotep, circa 2660 BC, wore many hats: doctor, a high priest, Grand Magus, scribe, sage, astrologer, and vizier. He held knowledge that seemed to come from the gods and as centuries passed, after his death he became a demigod in the eyes of the Egyptians. Many throughout history have debated whether Imhotep was a disciple or descendant of Thoth-Tehuti.

Over a thousand years later, the Greeks had a legendary Renaissance man by the name of Asclepius (circa 1260 BC). His legend shows him healing the hopelessly sick and raising the dead with his magical knowledge. By the time Hippocrates was born (460 BC), Asclepius had also ascended to demigod status.

“King of Magicians”

Around the time of Asclepius, there was another man in Egypt by the name of Prince Khaemweset (1290-1224 BC), who was a son of the pharaoh Ramses II. Several thousand years after his death, this man is still considered one of the greatest magicians of all time. He spent his lifetime preserving the knowledge of the Great Ancestors. Who these Great Ancestors were is not clear. Khaemweset built a massive library of sacred and magical texts that drew envy in the ancient world. His Ramesseum in Western Thebes contained only papyri about magic. The Greeks claimed that Khaemwaset possessed the famous Emerald Tablet of Thoth-Tehuti-Hermes and they always called him the “King of Magicians”.

Men have spent aeons searching for the old papyri and texts that hold the ancient knowledge. When many of the Egyptian tombs were found in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, there was a rush to grab the contents. At a time when Egyptologists could easily keep their findings, why did they hand over all of the valuable artifacts found in the tombs? Was it because they already had what they had come for? The ancient knowledge….’ He, who holds the knowledge, has the power’. I would be interested to know how many ancient Egyptian texts are held in the Vatican library.

Why does the Vatican have an obelisk and a pine cone statue on the grounds of the Holy City?

Another well known historical figure who seemed to have a wealth of ancient knowledge was Leonardo da Vinci. He also protected his greatest works with his own encryption systems. (Some of which have never been broken.) He knew what danger came with holding ancient knowledge.

The Burning Times

Why are there not any well known women from history who seemed to possess the knowledge and power that these before mentioned men had? Women have spent a majority of recent history as the fairer sex or even worse, as chattel. A woman that held ancient knowledge was deemed as dangerous or suspect. In an act of protection, women kept the ancient knowledge committed to memory. They passed that knowledge orally or they kept secret grimoires that were usually encrypted just as da Vinci kept his knowledge secret. Mother passed down to daughter or when there was no daughter or student to pass the knowledge onto; then, the wise woman’s flame flickered out. When the church began to notice the amount of ancient knowledge that was still loose in the wild with these wise women, it began a campaign to stamp out these traditions. This was one face of the Burning Times, the other was one of pettiness and greed of neighbor against neighbor.

Next: The Cairo Serapeum and its significance.

Commitment to the Ancient Arts

Many people flock to magic because it is fashionable. This is dangerous. On one of my previous blogs, I mentioned that you need to be clear of old energies and emotions and you have to be committed and practical in your practices. For example: a 40 year old, non-athletic woman is not going to become a prima ballerina. However, with commitment, she can train herself in such a way to privately practice ballet in a form that matches her physical ability.

Practical magic is a way to influence the energies and create change. Practical Magic doesn’t work like the TV show Bewitched. We can’t wiggle our noses and make our nosy neighbor turn into a donkey. However, we can put intention toward something like good health but we also have to be solid in our belief that our health is improving every day. We also have to do our homework on the treatments that are needed for our ailments.

Basically, this is a lifestyle that we live every day. It isn’t a hobby that is only brought out of the cabinet when we are feeling mysterious or the season is right or when we need something. Unfortunately many religions have taught people that if they need something, they just need to go to a deity and ask for it. This is not so, no matter what your religious background is. The Universe cannot be treated like a vending machine.

Divinity is in nature so if you can align yourself with nature, you can better influence the energies around you.

Think of a sculptor with a lump of clay. The sculptor shapes the clay into what they choose. Some people trap themselves in perfectionism and find fault with any defects and quickly abandon their work. However, something that is pointed out as a defect on a work of art is actually something to be celebrated…it makes the work unique. We must not try to micro-manage our art.

When you are working with practical magic you have to be open to the flow. For example:

1. You go into a light working session with an intention (for example: protection from a person who has abused a friendship).
2. You must keep only goodness and light in your heart, mind and solar plexus (gut). You should not be attempting to control the person involved, you should be trying to shed light and love on the situation and placing a shield of protection around you.
3. Ask for the greatest outcome with harm to none.

Practical magic doesn’t look like the movie Practical Magic. If we could banish difficult people from our lives like they do in the movie, this would be a messy world, although, there would be lots of robust rose bushes.

The path of the Ancient Arts or Practical Magic requires commitment, a pure heart, a quiet mind, and a grounded solar plexus. Without these things, the outcome of any session could lead to unexpected or unwanted results.

Remember, the Universe should not be used as a vending machine.