Time For Some Divination

Last week I took a little time off from my blog to enjoy the arrival of Ostara but it wasn’t all play…I had a lot of work to do. I am a freelance writer and I recently accepted a contract that involves a high volume of intense research work. Yes, that sounds crazy but that is the kind of thing that I enjoy. However, I am a little out of shape. I’ve spent the last several weeks trying to remind myself to get up and walk around every now and then, oh yeah, and remember to eat and drink.

I decided this weekend I needed to tune-in and take a look at how the Elements were balanced (or not) in my life. Every so often, I use one of my tarot decks to pull Elemental spreads. I usually keep my Renaissance deck divided out into suits to make this task easier. Once I have grounded myself and found my quiet place, I pull one card from each suit. By doing so, I have a good snapshot of how the Elements are influencing me at that moment.

Here was my message:

  • Earth – hard work and attention to detail (No kidding!)
  • Air – Self-centeredness / worn out by demands & I need to take care of myself (Yep!)
  • Fire – take a stand / believe in myself / strength of character / don’t just pretend – do it!
  • Water – celebrate community (I have found my people!)

What was surprising to me was that Air and Fire seemed to be out of balance for me. This is odd because those are my two strongest Elements. Thinking back, with the last moon cycle, I worked hard to bring my Earth and Water Elements into balance. Oops! It looks like I forgot to keep Air and Fire balanced as well. That’s what happens when I’m in a hurry and not paying attention.

For this Dark Moon, I will do an Element Balancing Ritual to try to find some peace in my life. Yes, I am one of those odd Witches that does rituals during the Dark Moon time. I even practice widdershins. I actually am more at ease with the Dark Moon. This makes sense when I tell you that my main Goddesses are The Morrigan and Persephone. The dark illuminates as much for me as the light. In the dark, there is quiet and I can focus on the necessary and not be distracted by the light.

If you feel a little out of sorts, try doing an Elemental spread. It may just surprise you.


The Tarot Knows

Today while searching for a topic to write about, I pulled a tarot card, like I often do and I received the King of Hearts (or Cups). The Hearts are hard for me. If I just had to deal with my own water energies, I would be fine. It’s the blending with others’ water energies around me that gets uncomfortable. Emotions are sometimes messy and these days, like everything else, have become politicized.

Who is the King of Hearts?

He is tolerant on all points of view and shows great patience. He responds calmly in a crisis and chooses to use diplomacy instead of force.  He is accepting of different points of view and listens attentively. We just don’t have enough King of Hearts in our current world.

My News Fast

I stopped following the news at the end of 2014. I had enough of the cult of entitlement and the barrage of bad news. I began to search for news outlets covering compassion and empathy and places where people were sharing ideas with open minds. Let me tell you…it was a lonely path. Even some of my mainstay Unitarian sites were getting overrun with heated arguments between people who weren’t listening to each other.

Since I left the world of news, my outlook on life has gone back to normal. For me, that means that I don’t see everyone as an enemy and I have hope for the future. It took a while and, oddly enough, in the beginning of my news fast I experienced withdrawals. However, those passed within a month. Now, if I land on a place like MSN, I don’t get hooked by the headlines. I just keep moving. I did notice however that MSN recently added a page called “Good News.” I have kept an eye on it, but it barely has any articles. There is another website that I visit occasionally called Good News Network and it does a pretty good job of showing humanity’s good side.

I have always tried to live my life like the King of Hearts. Sometimes it was hard to stay on that path when it seemed like the world was burning all around me. However, when I turned my back on the “news,” I realized that it was smoke and mirrors. Yes, there is real strife happening in the world today but it is being exacerbated by artificial means.

Try to see if you can fit the King of Hearts into your life. It might be a little uncomfortable at first but if you choose a diet like mine (news fast) you will be surprised how quickly it will seem like a natural fit.