Are You Witchy Enough?

I see many new people to The Craft that are getting bogged down in the performance of “being a Witch” and not understanding what it means to Be a Witch. I’ve listened while they stress about which ritual to follow and how to memorize lines and what kind of tools to use…it’s enough to make me drink!

So, for any of you who find yourself on either side of this teeter-totter (yep, I know, they don’t make those anymore thanks to insurance actuaries), let me help with some advice.

As Witches, we walk between the worlds. Our main goal is to maintain a balance between those worlds. It doesn’t matter what ritual or tools we choose to strike that balance. What does matter is our awareness of our own wisdom and strength to do proper magick. If we doubt our abilities or fear outcomes, then our magick will be blocked or corrupted.

We also need to stay aware of our vibrational state. If we drop to lower vibrational levels, then we attract those icky things that dwell in the lower vibrational levels.

If things are not going well for you, change the way you think. By listening to your inner voice, you may be surprised to hear some really negative things like: “I’m worried I won’t have enough to pay my bills.” or “What if I don’t get that job promotion?” These are thoughtforms that are soaked in fear and they will only produce negative results.

Change your inner voice to something positive and change your environment. Have you been spending too much time indoors? Then get outside! Maybe you’ve been hanging out with some real downers…find some positive people to spend time with. Whenever you feel yourself going negative whether it is in your day-to-day life or dealing with magick (“I hope my spell works” or “What if my spell doesn’t work”), change your state of mind. Over time, positive thoughtforms will become natural for you; and thanks to those positive thoughtforms, you won’t have to worry about which ritual to pick or what kind of tools to use. You will be your magic, not your “show.”

I think next, I will talk a little about hiding your Witch side. You know what I’m talking about. Everyone has someone (or ones) in their life that they feel they need to hide from. What is this doing to your magick?


Bottle of Confusion

Today’s bit of advice is for all of you living in difficult neighborhoods. I’m not sure what your situation is but my house is on a half-acre lot in the middle of the block. All of the houses on my street were built between 1925 and 1950. There are rent houses on either side of me and through the years some pretty scary people have resided in those houses.

As you all know, neighborly relations can go south real fast if they aren’t handled well. As I own my house, it isn’t easy to just pull up tent stakes and move when things get bumpy. I have handled these situations in different ways through the years. For the past two years, our street has become quieter and more peaceful….it’s not perfect but much better than it was. Many years ago, I went about placing 13 charged crystals around the boundary of my yard and in my house. I had these crystals charged at a special place on my cousin’s farm that is a particularly strong energy vortex. After laying those crystals, the negativity came down several notches.

Later, I had some very negative and aggressive people living next door that kept trying to push my buttons. Finally, I did a special ritual that I will share at another time, but it did the trick and they quickly moved out of the house a week later.

Currently, the people living in the two houses to the south of me have been very quiet and are actually planting flowers in the flower beds and sprucing the place up. The rent house to the north of me has been vacant for well over a year as the owner has been slowly fixing it up in his spare time.

The two main spells that I use on a constant basis to lay protection inside my house are: the bottle of confusion and outward facing mirrors. Let me explain:

The Bottle of Confusion –

I have a glass bottle with a long skinny neck and a cork top in which I place my thread trimmings that are a product of my sewing. Once I had this bottle mostly full, I raised energy and charged the bottle with a protection spell. The threads (none are longer than a couple of inches) in all different colors serve to trip and tangle any visitors with ill wishes. I keep it in a south window of my home since that is the direction from which most of the negativity creeps on my street. Note: If you are preparing your own bottle of confusion, you can’t take a short cut and cut up a spool of thread and fill the bottle in a day. The magic won’t be there. You will just be left with a bottle full of thread. You must use threads that have been cut from projects you have been working on over time and the threads must be short (a couple of inches long). You also must do your homework when preparing to raise the energy to charge the bottle. If you are doing so while thinking about how much you hate or fear your neighbor, that energy will boomerang back at you with equal force.

Outward facing mirrors –

This is an old practice of taking a small mirror or piece of mirror and placing it in the corner of your window, facing outward. This mirror will deflect any negative energy directed toward your house. As you are placing the mirror, (assuming you have already raised the energy and your personal protection) you will need to prepare words of magic to direct your intention into the ritual. My words of magic were something like this:

Heed this warning,
Leave me be.
I wish not to be disturbed,
So away with thee you go!
So mote it be!

Clearing Old Energies

Before working magick you must clear your psyche of old energies that no longer serve you. You also must investigate any detrimental beliefs that you have carried from former lifetimes. Until you complete these steps, you won’t be able to find balance in your magick.

1. Simplify your life.

*Stop hoarding
*Stop procrastinating
*Get your material house in order
*Clean your desk and email
*Get organized
*Clean out any old herbs or oils that you know have lost their power – No need in holding on to them now….you are just coveting….”my precious”

2. Begin a regular meditation schedule.

You need quiet time to block the monkey mind. Send everything away during this time. It is not a time to “work” on anything; just let everything go and only focus on happy. Try to feel what happy truly means and feels like without being attached to anything (ie. “if I only had some money, I’d be happy”).

Float in the cosmos like a lazy river. If this scares you then bring it in closer like a cozy bed. Learn to breathe. Don’t worry about how or how many….just breathe and pay attention to how it feels. Breathing is very calming if done slowly and consciously. This is why we sigh so much when we are distressed.

3. Address your shadow.

This next part may be difficult for some. If you need professional help with it please seek it out.

Some of you are dealing with sibling rivalry stuff while others are dealing with much more dark and difficult energies. Find time to sit quietly and ask Universe to show you your chronic difficulties. You may want to journal while doing this. If there is something that is a constant trouble that pops up in your life (ie. falling for the wrong man/woman or not being able to manage your money well), this is where these shadows will appear.

In the case of falling for the wrong man/woman or having a string of broken relationships, you may find that you are holding on to old energies of a failed relationship in a previous life that you are having a hard time letting go of. If you are having a hard time managing your money, then you may be unconsciously telling yourself that money is the root of all evil or that you are just meant to be poor or that having money makes you feel guilty when others around you have very little.

Once you have a bearing on the shadows that are causing you distress, next you will need to address them. See them for what they are. Is there anything about these shadows that can help you or do they no longer serve you? For example: Do you have a hard time keeping jobs because you are constantly at odds with your boss? If so, then work to find the root of your agitation and imagine that you are bottling it for later use when that stubborn spirit can serve you better.

Sometimes your shadow helps you so you don’t always want to get rid of it – just tame it. Of course, that is separate from negative energies that you have buried deep inside like a festering wound.

Don’t Allow Negativity to Materialize in Your Magick

These are things that must be done before working with magic. You also need to do a constant accounting of the energies you are carrying around with you. Many of us are empaths and we pick up the gunk that others throw all over us each day. If you don’t keep yourself grounded and do a good job of cleansing your aura at the end of each day, you will get a build-up of negativity. Any bad Juju that you are carrying around with you whether your conscious being recognizes it, or not, will jump out in your magic when you least expect it. This is when the evil eye or demons get blamed for things we have actually brought about ourselves. Demons are actually a religious idea and not a quality of nature.