Even Witches Get Sick Sometimes

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a magic wand we could use to banish colds, flu, and the like? The thing is, sometimes we just need to experience illness to remind us of our strengths and weaknesses. Plus, having the occasional sickness helps to beef up our immune systems.

This week I’ve been sick with some kind of upper respiratory bug. I know where it came from… I’ve spent the last two weeks getting a jump on my spring cleaning. Last Sunday, I spent all day in the cellar. This isn’t a dark, dank cellar but it still has its share of light mildew just because it is underground, usually in the dark, and there isn’t much airflow. So, I probably sucked in an inordinate amount of mold and mildew spores. Yuck!

Ancient arts require the Old Medicine

I woke up Monday morning hacking like a pack-a-day smoker and quickly moved to my medicine chest. I started with a dose of elecampane tincture and followed it with a dose of Guaifenesin two hours later (mind you I only do this when I am experiencing acute, extreme conditions…usually I just go with one or the other). I repeated each dose in four hour stints which means I was taking medicine every two hours. When doing extreme dosing like this I make sure that I am constantly drinking hot green tea or water. I don’t want to add dehydration or kidney stones to my list of infirmities.

On day three, I had clear lungs but I still had a lot of congestion and pain in my ears, nose, and throat so I backed off on my elecampane to every six hours and added a daily dose of colloidal silver (I make my own, of course.) and olive leaf extract. All three of these remedies have anti-microbial qualities so they should stomp out any bad bugs left behind in my system from the dreaded cellar.

How does this affect my magick? Well, it does put the brakes on some of my practices just from the fact it is hard to concentrate when you don’t feel good. However, it gives me a chance to work with the Old Remedies and keep me sharp in that category.

I understand that western medicine has given us some great advances in health but I also feel that about 75% of the drugs currently on the market are detrimental to our health and well-being. They are just a means to create a market of managed illness. They also cloud people’s cognitive and spiritual beings.

I stick with herbs and roots 99% of the time. I know a lot of people say that herbs are placebos and I am beyond tired of the old argument over echinacea. What those people don’t understand is that herbs adapt to what the patient needs. Science has a hard time with this idea and has only recently (grudgingly) moved over to the side of receptor theory. That’s okay. I don’t want them to figure out the “mechanics” of nature because then they will try to slap a patent on it and bastardize it. I am fine with people rolling their eyes at me when I tell them I am taking elecampane or black walnut for an ailment. For those who want to learn, I will teach; for the others, I will have patience.

I hope you are all staying healthy during this transition from winter to spring. By the way, if you plan to spring clean your cellar…wear a mask!