How Does Magic Work: The Ether

Are you ready for a wild ride? I would like to share a little of my understanding of The Ether that permeates our world and makes our magic possible. First, I have something for you to ponder…

–> How is it that the creation of Israel that happened in 1948 which was also the 5708th year of the Hebrew calendar, matched up with the 5708th verse of the Torah that mentions the time when they would be brought back to the land of their forefathers?
–> Or- that debates still linger to this day over the many prophesies of Nostradamus or even Isaac Newton, for that matter.

Some will say that you can find patterns in anything or if you look hard enough for evidence, your mind will create it for you.

The Fifth Element to some and The Hallow to others.

I believe there is this Ether that is all around us. The Fifth Element to some and The Hallow to others. It is very similar to the electric field that exists in a circuit. Oddly enough, our scientists understand how electricity works but they still don’t have a firm understanding of what it is completely. Every time our scientists say they have unlocked the mysteries of the universe, another puzzle pops open.When I was a kid, they were just beginning to understand that the atom was not the smallest thing in the universe. The world of subatomic particles was new and now we are still doing experiments with quarks, and the like, so that we can better understand what they are and how they work. Scientists are also beginning to see that there may be a connection between electricity, gravity, time and space. They may all be the same thing. Ether…

The Electric Field is a Mystery

Let me give you an example of how an electric field works in a circuit. When you turn on the circuit (the on button on a flashlight) to your perception, the light comes on immediately. We are all taught in school about the speed of light (I hope they still teach that). But what is going on inside that circuit is that electrons are slowly traveling away from the negative side of the battery through the circuit in order to get to the positive side of the battery (protons in an atom are positive and attract electrons which are negative). Once all of the negative electrons have migrated to the positive end of the battery, then the battery is drained and the flashlight no longer works. It is a good thing for us that the electrons travel much slower through the circuit than the electric field so that we can have a battery that will last longer than a few seconds. The electric field, on the other hand, is almost instantaneous in its travels through the circuit. Here is an example of the comparision of electric field and movement of electrons: In a room, a person turns on a light switch (electric field) and turns over an hourglass (movement of electrons) at the same time. The light comes on immediately while the hour glass should take an hour for all of the sand to run from one end of the glass to the other. The scientists still do not fully understand what the electric field is and how it can instantly be everywhere at once.

So I’ve warned you that I am a geeky hippy witch who grew up in a family where we believe that there was once a time when nature, science, philosophy, art, religion, and medicine all existed as one. However, as a civilization we have not lived that way in a very long time. The powers that came to be a long time ago saw the power that that reality gave to people. They wanted better control over the people so they found ways to sever the ties of these six understandings and keep them at odds with one another. Much like an engine that is broken down into parts won’t run; a person living with a belief that the six understandings are separate (and they may even turn their back on some of the understandings) will not be able to harness the power that is their inheritance.

The Ether or Hallow is a lot like the Holodeck on Star Trek. Inside the Holodeck, it is just four walls with great potential but when given spoken commands, whole worlds can be created complete with form (not see-through or projection). On Star Trek they even have different levels of safety protocols like not being able to be harmed by a hologram. However, many people don’t understand The Ether or Hallow enough to put safety protocols in place. So when a person living in a place of fear or shadow begins to practice magic, the dark side of their existence (which is usually strong for them) jumps out and takes control of what the Ether shows them.

When people rely heavily on the material world, they tend to believe that magic or the key to magic lies in the mechanics of ritual, or the right tools or setting. However, the magick lies in the practitioner’s ability to tap into the Ether or Hallow. This is why I am so adamant about practitioners getting in touch with their shadow side and coming to terms with old energies that no longer serve them. When you begin to work with magick, you must be very grounded and work from a place of light and love at all times.